Monday, 9 April 2012

French Surpise!

In May 2011 our wonderful girls organised a mystery holiday to celebrate our 30th Anniversary and 60th Birthdays. All we knew was to keep a week free. Then we had the first envelope with instructions as to what to pack and to drive to Glastonbury where we saw Kate, just arrived from NZ and Jane and family and Mum. Then we had a second envelope which was empty! The next day we were driven to Bristol airport where we recieved 2 more envelopes - one containing our passports and tickets to Toulouse and the other to open on the 'plane. Once airborne we read that we were to be met by our driver and not to ask any questions! On arrival there were our three girls, Mary, Esther and Zoe holding up the name BOULLIER! They then drove us for over an hour through the French countryside into Gascony and eventually to a remote farmhouse where we discovered Matt and Andrew looking after Reuben and Keziah!

We then had a wonderfully relaxed week in a converted barn with a lovely swimming pool, surrounded by vineyards and picturesque sleepy villages. Much wine, fresh bread and cheese was consumed and we had the most relaxing holiday.

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