Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Weather with You

How has the weather been with you? Are you snowed in?

I normally use this blog to communicate family news but today I feel like a bit of blog blasting! I have been amazed at the griping and complaining going on about the country coming to a standstill. "When I was young everything didn't stop for a little bit of snow" - no but when you were young people could walk to work and school. Now with motorways and such an over dependance on the car we are held to ransome by our own mobile lifestyle.

One thing 'Serendipity Sailing' (see thread on this blog) seeks to share is that whilst some things in life, like the tides, can be depending upon and predictable, others, like the weather, human beings and now banks, are notoriously unpredictable.

I think we should be in awe of how small we are and learn to live day by day. It seems the odd 'national standstill' does us good, even if it does supposedly cost the nation millions, as we all discover community and realise talk of recession is relative.

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Anyway, enough of that here are some photos of the weather here in Cornwall. If you click on them they get a lot bigger.

'Weather with You' was first recorded by Crowded House in the early 1990's. They were the soundtrack to our time in New Zealand.

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